Overview of Nishiwaki

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Nishiwaki is located in the middle of Hyogo Prefecture. It is surrounded by lush green hills and has been inhabited for more than a thousand years.

The population of Nishiwaki as of Feb.1,2017 is 41,605 and the city covers 132.44 square kilometers. The leaders of Nishiwaki seek to create a high standard of living for its citizens now and into the future.


The textile industry is still the primary industry in Nishiwaki.It was established here over 200 years ago and has developed its own distinct style of fabric known locally as, "Banshu-ori”.

Nishiwaki's textile industries accounted for around 90% of Japan's yarn-dyed fabric in 2007.

Stiff competition from developing economies has brought the effects of globalization to Nishiwaki and is forcing the local economy to adapt. Even so, textiles from Nishiwaki are still widely distributed throughout Japan and exported all over the world.

Dojiyama Park

In order to support and expand the cultural aspects of its citizens' lives, Nishiwaki has a civic center, a library, a historical museum, an art gallery, a pottery studio-museum, and a chamber of commerce and industry. These institutions play host to a number of activities.

Many sporting, cultural and social events are held on weekends.

Nishiwaki hospital

Nishiwaki also has a city hospital, a welfare center and a home for senior citizens.

City, prefectural and national government buildings are conveniently located around the city hall.

The goal of the city government is to provide amenities and establish a spirit of cooperation in which the residents can live their lives to the fullest.

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The Kurodasho area has abundant forest and expansive rural landscapes.

There are many places where you can spend enjoyable hours in the midst of nature, such as a park with one of Japan's foremost caravan sites and a British-style garden where gardening enthusiasts gather.


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